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Services for Companies and Developers

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Macroglossa easily adapts to your business. Our interfaces are highly customizable allowing the adaptivity of our visual search services within different types of platforms. Our technology allows to identify similar images from a primary subject. This is just an example of using.

Keep in mind that the search categories proposals on the home page are just a taste of what Macroglossa can do.

The only limit? "Your imagination"
Our slogan? "Search is Visual"  

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Easy to code, easy to implement.
Our API are based on standard http method and then have full compatibility with all programming languages.
We have different types of services, all combined among them as search for affinities, search by color, search by shapes, categorization of subjects, metadata extraction, and many more ...

Just subscribe to our Api program choosing one of the available profiles.
For more information "click here" or contact us if you want to use our interfaces for personalized service.

^ plus ^

Given the standard nature of our interfaces is possible to develop visual services for web and mobile clients easily. It is also possible to embed Macroglossa into device firmware.

You have no effort or knowledge to develop or integrate Macroglossa?

There we are! We will develop for you the client (web or mobile application), we will work on design, usability, service logic and everything you need to meet your needs and bring your business to the next level.

- @us -

Our technical and sales staff is always at your disposal for any type of demand or support. In addition, our engineers and our developers will always be available for help in the development and integration of Macroglossa on your platforms.

Do not hesitate to keep in touch with us! We guarantee confidentiality and privacy for each request or proposal that wish to send.