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Have you ever received an image in which you could not determine the content? If you have, you know that trying to figure out what a picture is of can be a pretty time consuming task. Search after search in a typical search engine will take you at least a few minutes before you figure out what you are looking at. Well Macroglossa has attempted to solve this problem. You simply select an image file form your computer, run it through Macroglossa search engine, and receive a list results. All results contain both the content of the image (in English) as well as other images of the same or similar content.

If no matches were found in any case the engine will propose some results,hoping to stimulate your curiosity.

MACROGLOSSA wants to push the limits of the Web, giving users an alternative way to achieve many research goals. Engine Comparer Technology compares your image with other images available on the web. It looks for similarities and / or matches, giving the results page for visual references, accompanied by a link to the site on which the image was found.

Macroglossa Video Tutorial - Classic Mode


MACROGLOSSA is a search engine based on the comparison of images. The operation is simple: Have you taken a picture of something you could not identify? Maybe you’re not sure what animal is contained in the image? In order to learn more about the content of your image, you can simply upload the image file to MACROGLOSSA and begin your search.

You just have to wait and rest assured that the result will be useful and fun.

The software is on Beta stage ( v 0.1 ) from September 2011. By now Macroglossa offers the following features:

- Five search categories: Animals, Biological, Panoramic, Artistic and Botanicali
- Classic search ( upload & search )
- Advanced search ( upload, select your region of interest & search )
- Exif tags extractor ( on result images )
- Video frame search
- Reverse image geotag
- Filter results by camera model

Macroglossa Video Tutorial - Advanced Mode

Macroglossa Video Tutorial - Video Search Mode

Macroglossa is still available as iPhone app, Android OS app, Chrome and safari browser extension.

Macroglossa Video Tutorial - iPhone App

Currently the search results are not as accurate as they will be in the future, so don’t be too surprised if your results contain images from a different category than you intended. The search time could be quite long because the engine is running a series of real-time controls to make sure that the results are as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We work hard to improve all.


Macroglossa is developed to works on web and mobile services.
If you are a developer and you need to integrate services based on visual recognition Macroglossa then is the engine for you.
Macroglossa exposes through its API PORTAL three types of subscription:
- Free
- Basic
- Premium

Registration is free.


Our goal is to receive feedback about the MacroG project in order to have stimulating interest for the next release, which we will try to increase speed, precision, images and search categories.

All future updates and improvements to the engine will be made available on our Twitter Channel

For notices, proposals and recommendations on the project, please write to :


We are always looking for technology partners to increase the computing power of our infrastructure as well as the size of storage etc etc.
If you are interested in helping or funding our project please contact us via email.


Image upload: Min image image dimension is 160 * 160 px.
Video upload: Max video file allowed size is 40Mb.

Enjoy Macroglossa